Can Salad Spinner Reviews Help Make A Purchase Decision?

Most people think a salad spinner is just another kitchen gadget for removing the excess water from greens and then drying them so you can prepare your salads. Salad spinners are actually much more than mechanical paper towels. According to various salad spinner reviews, it removes the dirt, grime, grit, sand, and even bacteria in greens which the naked eye often does not see.

This is an important role that the salad spinner plays when it comes to your health. Greens that have not been washed thoroughly often retain the chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers sprayed on them during their cultivation period. This means that you consume the same chemicals alongside the greens. Given that you include them in your daily diet, you are already accumulating a lot of toxins from the chemicals in your body.

Washing and Drying Without Damaging the Contents

The best salad spinner is not difficult to find. Remember that all salad spinners are powered by centrifugal force – which removes any amount of excess water – but the difference is in how a particular salad spinner can do so without damaging its contents.

Oxo salad spinnerSummer, more than any other season, is the best time for salad making because of the abundance of fresh produce at hand. Fresh vegetables and leafy greens taste more delicious when they are tossed in homemade vinaigrette or any other dressing.

But before this happens, you have to ensure that your veggies and greens have been thoroughly dried; salad oils and dressings just don’t quite stick to greens that are slightly wet or damp.

That is why salad experts and gourmet chefs emphasize the use of a salad spinner which is capable of not only washing greens thoroughly but drying them efficiently.

There is nothing in the world that can douse your appetite with frustration than coming face to face with a soggy salad with wilted greens. Spin salad greens dry with a spinner chosen by Good Housekeeping as one of their top must-have kitchen tools for 2015.

A Simple Mechanism That Works

The Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner is a simple yet powerful device that quickly washes, rinses, and dries salad greens, berries, tomatoes, and leeks, among others. The unique feature of this spinner is that it does all these functions without bruising its contents. This can be difficult to do for something that works quickly at an accelerated speed but not for the Oxo Good Grips spinner.

Arguably, speed does not make this salad spinner – or any other spinner for that matter – a contender for newest high-technology invention, it’s the way the Oxo’s mechanism works. All their salad spinner models have a simple pumping action of up-and-down that won’t make you sweat. And because this mechanism is located at the spinner’s center, you won’t have to worry about it dancing around on your kitchen counter.

The Oxo Good Grips spinner’s base is solid and non-slip even when spinning at high speed. Moreover, this spinner’s drying ability is unparalleled. The Oxo Good Grips has a lid that comes apart quite easily for disassembly when it’s time to clean it. And speaking of clean up, the Good Grips is dishwasher safe. Additionally, its lid is flat, making it easy not only for storage but for stacking purposes as well.

The Oxo Salad Spinner Line

Oxo Salad Spinner Linebuy1

Oxo makes the Good Grips Salad Spinner, Softworks, and Stainless Steel models to suit the needs of particular salad enthusiasts.

The Stainless Steel model, for instance, features an outer bowl made of, what else, durable stainless steel that can stand the wear and tear of salad preparation.

The inner bowl is a slotted strainer from which water can easily be spun onto the greens.

All of Oxo’s salad spinners have patented brakes and pump action mechanisms that make salad preparation simple, easy, and fun.

You simply remove the strainer basket from the spinner’s external bowl and place your greens inside. Rinse them under your faucet’s running water, return the basket to the bowl and secure it safely with its lid. This Oxo model can hold 6.34 quarts of fresh leafy produce.

The Bestselling Oxo Model

Without a doubt, the bestselling Oxo model is the 10.5-inch spinner which has coaxed voluntary reviews from more than 500 customers who purchased it. That’s how good this model performs. Just push its non-slip, soft knob and set the interior basket to spin at the exact speed fast enough for pulling off water droplets from leafy greens yet not that fast to bruise or damage them.

You get a top that you can see through for you to monitor how your greens are going and the built-in button for the brake halts the process for you to unload your veggies and prepare them for the salads. The non-skid base ensures that the entire device is held in place safely and securely while in use. And after you are done spinning and want your greens to remain crisp, fresh, and crunchy?

You simply put the entire spinner into your refrigerator until you use them within 24 to 36 hours. You can even bring the outer bowl for potlucks, picnics, and impromptu buffets. No one can tell that the classic, streamlined design of this Oxo’s bowl is not an actual serving dish but a salad spinner container. Like other Oxo salad spinners, this one is dishwasher safe.

Don’t Take Your Chances

Don’t take your chances on bagged salad greens. Wash and dry your own. In 2008, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) tested over 4,000 samples of loose and packaged greens and found two of these with salmonella. Whether those bags say pre-washed or even triple-washed, use your Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner to remove any residual pesticide, soil, fertilizer, grit or other potentially-hazardous substances.

Whether or not you are the type of shopper who makes a purchase decision based on what other customers write about their own experience with a particular product, reading the salad spinner reviews of the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner can help assure you that bagged or not, your salad greens are safe for human consumption when you use this affordable, reliable, and efficient salad spinner.

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