Why Oxo Mixing Bowls Are A Must in the Kitchen

Most people might not consider mixing bowls as truly essential in the kitchen in the same way they do knives, pans, cutting boards, pots or food containers. But mixing bowls have more to them than meets the eye. Quality brands like the Oxo mixing bowls, are, in fact, an investment that you won’t regret purchasing.

Here are some features to look for when choosing the ideal mixing bowls:

  • Durability: a top notch mixing bowl should not chip, dent, crack or warp. This may eliminate glass mixing bowls from the list but the all-metal variety will last longer because they are typically non-slip and do not have their edges chipped.
  • Odor- and stain-resistant: plastic mixing bowls tend to absorb all sorts of odors or get stains from oil- and tomato-based ingredients. Moreover, plastic mixing bowls may not use the safe kind of plastic material (more on that later).
  • Shape: an ideal mixing bowl’s height must only be slightly larger than its radius because a bowl with a high side makes stirring and whisking extremely difficult to do; moreover, it makes tossing large food quantities almost impossible.
  • Lightweight: a heavy mixing bowl will not allow you to use your two hands to coat large numbers of small food pieces uniformly or whisk ingredients while holding it with your one hand because it would be too heavy to lift.
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  • Heat-resistant: hollandaise sauce, melted chocolate, and delicate custard are best cooked in a mixing bowl that can be used in double boiler. A mixing bowl that is heat-resistant will be ineffective for such purposes.
  • Microwave-safe: steaming greens, par cooking of pie fillings, and melting butter in a microwave requires a microwave-safe bowl. Only bowls manufactured in the 1980s and those made of plastic are non-microwavable today.
  • Space saver: a good mixing bowl will also be easy to store, meaning it will not take too much either on a kitchen countertop or pantry cabinet; some bowls have been designed to be stackable which is another ideal feature.

The Danger of Plastic Mixing Bowls

Potential risks to health have been found from exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a common industrial chemical that has been used as a material for packaging, containers, medical devices, dental sealants, and water bottles, among others, for over 50 years. Plastic mixing bowls are not exempted from BPA since this chemical is used often in making plastic and epoxy resins.

BPA, according to Tufts University postdoctoral fellow Laura Vandenberg, stands out among the rest of plastic substances that manage to get into food because of its ability to disrupt the functions of hormones, most especially estrogen. Numerous studies have also shown that BPA exposure can lead to potential problems of the brain, prostate glands, and behavior of developing fetuses, infants, and young children.

Any plastic container is vulnerable to leaching, a process in which infinitesimal bits of BPA can get into food. Heating food in a plastic mixing bowl will almost certainly leach even trace amounts of BPA into food. The safer options would be to use a mixing bowl made of glass or stainless steel. Glass, however, is expensive and susceptible to damage. Your best bet would be stainless steel mixing bowls.

OXO’s Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Renowned housewares manufacturer OXO has created innovative and durable bowls for mixing purposes; these bowls can also be used to store and serve food. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are a three-piece set which includes three ideal sizes for multiple purposes: a 1½ quarts, three quarts, and five quarts. All three have Santoprene bases which are non-skid and non-slip.

This solid stability helps to accommodate high speed mixers and immersion blenders. The bowls all have rolled-edge, easy-grip rims that are the ideal depth for mixing that is guaranteed to be splatter-free. They have the appropriate thickness and weight for kneading bread dough or mixing heavy batter and are resistant to both stains and odors. Moreover, these bowls are non-reactive to acidic food and liquids.

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These bowls have stainless steel interior construction with an exterior shielded against high temperature to protect the hands from either extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. Such features make these mixing bowls ideal for preparation of dressings for hot salads, adding melted chocolate chunks to cake or cookie batter, tempering ingredients, and transporting hot food from grill to dining table.

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The white, bright plastic exterior and highly durable interior of stainless steel combine perfectly in these bowls for canning sauces, fruits, and vegetables using three different sizes. These bowls are dishwasher safe, too. Note that the plastic used by OXO is free from BPA as well as other toxic substances such as phthalates and PVC. This three-bowl set is free from BPA’s cousin known as BPS which is worse because it doesn’t degrade.

This set has, in fact, been given an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of five by Amazon customers. 87% of 615 Amazon reviews gave these bowls a full five star rating. One customer went on to say that these OXO bowls have incredible value for their reliable performance. Other customers mentioned that all three bowls serve their respective purposes well, from whisking egg whites for meringue to making batter for cakes.

Even their colors have been well thought of: they come in combinations of blue/brown/green, yellow/green/blue, and white/black to give a distinctive touch as additional kitchen or pantry décor. They also nest very neatly for you to conveniently store them after each use. Each bowl size can be used for a particular purpose. The 1½ quart bowl can be used for whisking dressings, sauces, eggs, and dips.

The five quart bowl, which has a wider mouth, is perfect for serving freshly-made popcorn or pretzels, and tossing large amounts of salads while the three quart bowl with its high walls is suitable for use with an electric mixer as well as for use as a marinade bowl. Additionally, all bowls have wide spouts and lips to make pouring ingredients easier and more convenient.

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