Oxo Good Grips Review

There are salad spinners and then there is the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner line. This Oxo Good Grips review lets you in on why salad greens need to be thoroughly washed now more than ever after the outbreak of infections caused by the bacteria known as E. coli. Spinach, lettuce, and other greens are safe to eat as long as they have been washed properly to avoid contamination.

Greens are produce and therefore a raw product grown in dirt and handled by numerous people before getting into kitchens. Bacteria are transferred from dirt residue or from people handling the greens before, during, and after they arrive in supermarkets, grocery stores, and even health food shops. Ensuring your safety means thoroughly washing greens.

A salad spinner is a convenient device not only for washing greens but also for removing excess water from them as well. This is important because salad oils and dressings will be unable to stick to these greens if they are “watered down.” Creamy dressings, more than vinaigrette, for instance, would not adhere to them better (vinaigrette would though, since it contains vinegar which is basically still water).

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For all intents and purposes, even a collapsible salad spinner can be the fastest and most efficient way of preparing salad greens. A good salad spinner has to have just the exact speed, though, to prevent bruising or damaging salad greens. If your spinner doesn’t have sufficient power to wash and dry greens, you will have to put in smaller amounts of the leaves several times; this defeats the purpose of reducing prep time.

How a Salad Spinner Operates

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A typical salad spinner can be operated by putting its plastic lid on top of the entire device and causing it to spin by gears within this lid.

Centrifugal forces remove water off leafy greens through several holes in the colander-style strainer basket inside the spinner bowl where the water is collected from. Some spinners are equipped with exterior bowls which can double as serving containers and salad mixers as well.

Other salad spinners are equipped with cranks for turning while others have pump action mechanism involving the use of your palm leaning on a top button, letting go, and then leaning again in repetitive motion. These pump models have brake buttons to stop their operation; their pumps lock down securely in place when they are not in use. There are battery-operated and electric salad spinner types as well.

Features of the Oxo Good Grips Spinner

The Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner line has been praised as the fastest and easiest way to prepare salad greens. This award-winning product line is convenient to operate.  Moreover, the bowl can be used as a classic food container. Let’s take a look at some of the stuff that makes the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner a preferred choice among salad spinners.

The patented pump action mechanism of spinner makes it easy to operate it even with the use of only one hand. Additionally, the brake button is a convenient way to quickly stop the spinning action when you want to unload your greens. It has a non-slip, soft, and comfortable knob that locks down when not in use. The sturdy construction of its non-slip base keeps the spinner steady and stable during use.

It has a clear lid that allows you to see the content even while the spinner is in operation. The lid is also removable for easy and no-fuss cleaning after each use. The strainer basket can be used as colander and the clear bowl doubles as a serving container for potlucks, picnics, buffets or even impromptu meals. The Good Grips spinner has a flat lid to enable convenient stacking when it is not in use.

Best of all, the spinner has not been manufactured with any BPA elements, making it safe to use without worrying about chemicals leaks going into the raw greens. The spinner is also dishwasher safe. It comes in medium and small sizes to give you a better option when it comes to the quantity of greens that you want to wash; the former is ideal for providing greens for more than two persons.

Pros and Cons


  • Greens are washed and dried thoroughly without bruising or damaging them.
  • Easy to clean with only three parts.
  • Strainer basket can be used as colander for other produce such as beans, berries, leeks, and tomatoes, among others.
  • Good Grips bowls come in medium and small sizes.
  • External clear bowl can be used as food service containers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pump action mechanism and brake button reduce preparation time.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Affordable price.


  • Storage of the medium-sized spinner can be difficult to manage in refrigerator space.

What Customers Say About It

CustomersOxo makes salad spinners in three models: the Good Grips, Softworks, and Stainless Steel varieties.

The stainless steel salad spinner, while more ideal for heavier loading of larger quantities of greens and other leafy produce, manages to combine the functionality of the pump action mechanism and brake button common to all Oxo models with the understated elegance of stainless steel.

Whether for use as a commercial salad spinner or a household kitchen tool, customer reviews on third party websites reported satisfaction with Oxo salad spinners regardless of the model they have purchased. Of 2,280 Amazon customers who reviewed the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner, 74% gave the product five stars out of five that generated an overall rating of 4.5 stars for it.

Undeniably, the Good Grips spinner is a hands down favorite of even those customers who have avoided making salads for the longest time because of the long prep time; yet these customers also admitted they knew prep time was important for the impact it can have on their health if their salad greens are not thoroughly cleaned. With Oxo Good Grips, more customers have faced up to the challenge of eating “clean greens.”


The only “con” mentioned about the Good Grips is that of difficulty in storing it because it is on the bulky side. You can easily solve this by getting the smaller-sized model instead. Dollar for dollar, the majority of customers who purchased the product have been satisfied by it. Even Good Housekeeping was impressed by the 90% success rate of water removal that the Good Grips spinner is capable of.

If you want a simple, easy to operate, affordable and reliable salad spinner, get the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner in any of the three models. This Oxo Good Grips review has outlined for you the importance of a salad spinner that can not only wash and dry greens efficiently and all for good reason: your health.

At last, now you too can eat bacteria-, dirt-, grime-, and pesticide-free greens.

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