It’s Time To Try The OXO Softworks Little Salad Spinner

You love to eat salads, but usually you do not always have enough guests to make it worthwhile. And, of course, you hate tossing any left-over salad leaves after a meal. So, have you ever thought about using a small salad spinner?

Oxo have just created the perfect tool to help us preparing salads in no time with just a push of a knob. This oxo softworks little salad spinner is perfect for two, a small and simple family gathering, or a quick lunch for an unexpected visitor.

The Larger Model Features are Included

When deciding for a smaller salad spinner, you want to make sure that it has the same features like the larger models. Well, the Softworks little salad and herb spinner features the same patented pump mechanism, non-slip base, patented brake button, and airtight lock as the larger versions do. The only part that has changed is the size.

The Softworks little spinner is also quite appealing. This means there is actually no need for an additional salad bowl. Just serve the salad in the spinner’s own bowl or colander.

A Strainer

Washing lettuce leafs can be a pain. Especially when you don’t have a strainer to put them in. There’s no oxo softworks salad spinnerreason to make two purchases. Especially, if you do not have a strainer you can use for your vegetables and lettuce leaves. But there is no need to buy an additional one. The oxo Softworks salad spinner comes with a detachable strainer, perfect for washing vegetables.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the environmentally friendly part when using a spinner. Since you will wash all ingredients for your salad together, it is not just quicker, but you will also use less water.

Detachable, Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Thanks to the detachable parts, this Oxo Softworks little salad spinner is easy to use and to clean, and will conveniently fit into your dishwasher. The cheaper salad spinner brands usually do not have this feature and need to be cleaned by hand.

Then again, who is keen on a washing-up job after having just enjoyed a delicious meal?

Watch Your Salad

This model is made of a clear material. It is not tinted green like most of the competitor’s ones. You can easily watch the salad whilst spinning. The purpose of this? You need to keep a close eye on the salad to make sure it will be mixed properly.

Cheaper Than the Larger Model

oxo softworks salad spinnerbuy1

When shopping, you want the best model available. Unfortunately, the best one is most likely not the cheapest one.

If you are on a tight budget concerning this salad spinner purchase, considering this smaller option would be a wise choice.

Cheaper just means smaller. This Oxo Softworks little salad spinner will still have all the features of the larger models, but saving you a few dollars.

Patented Spring Action

You’ll notice that this salad spinner comes with a large, black button on the top of it. This button needs to be pressed only once to spin your salad with powerful force. Once your salad is mixed well, a patented brake button lets you stop the basket to unload it. This is a quite convenient feature when you are pressed for time. Other models usually do not have this feature.

The Spinning Action Drys the Leaves

Washing vegetables is extremely important for getting a clean, nutritious and healthy salad. Furthermore, washed and dried greens do not go mushy and the dressing clings to them better.

Using a salad spinner makes sure you won’t serve a wet salad. During the spinning action, the water will drain through the spinner’s colander into the plastic bowl.

You May Have Noticed that Knob Sticking Out

In the “down” position the knob on the lid locks the spinner airtight, so you can store greens right in the bowl after draining and drying to extend their storage life quite conveniently.

The Oxo Softworks salad spinner will fit into your refrigerator like any other bowl. The salad leaves will stay crisp and fresh for several days. Just unlock it and enjoy another delicious salad.

Amazon Reviews Can be Helpful

This product is quit popular on Amazon. Thousands have already been sold. Many of the customers who have purchased this great kitchen gadget have left quite a lot of positive reviews. So far, this model has a raring of nearly five stars. That’s far more than any of its competitors has.

These reviews will tell you a lot about this salad spinner to help you make the right decision. When you order it, you know you will receive a salad spinner which will be perfect for your needs.

Try the Oxo Softworks Little Salad Spinner

oxo salad spinnerbuy1

Loose greens stay much longer fresh than bagged salads. Investing in a good spinner, like the Oxo Softworks little salad spinner, is probably a good choice. You can stop buying expensive pre-cut greens and buy loose ones instead which are cheaper.

And let’s not forget, as soon as lettuce is cut with a metal blade, it can start turning brown quite quickly. Furthermore, bagged leaves also tend to lose their nutrients and flavor. So, why not give the Oxo Softworks little salad spinner a try!

We recommend the OXO Softworks Little Salad Spinner available at Amazon…