How To Use A Salad Spinner

Even those who make salads often lament how difficult it could get to wash green and other leafy veggies, pat each one dry with the use of paper towels, and then prepare the whole bunch into a side dish or even a main course. Knowing how to use a salad spinner allows you to appreciate the texture and taste of salad greens the way they are supposed to be enjoyed: crispy and crunchy. But first, you need to buy the right salad spinner.

Choosing the Correct Salad Spinner

If you know your way in the kitchen, using a salad spinner may be easy enough for you but for the novice, washing and drying leafy greens can prove to be a daunting task, especially if one is running on a tight schedule. You would want your salad preparation time to be as short as possible but also with the assurance that the leafy veggies you use are sufficiently dry to absorb the salad oil or dressing they are prepared with.

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This requires you to choose a salad spinner that has the ability to dry your leafy greens without damaging them from a speed of dizzying proportions.

The Oxo Stainless Steel Salad Spinner is a fine example of the ideal salad spinner. This spinner has a stainless bowl with a six-quart capacity for spinning salad greens, particularly lettuce, extremely dry to retain crispness.

Moreover, this Oxo model is user-friendly, dishwasher-safe, and looks like the kind of accessory which would fit any style of kitchen interior.

With only three parts to assemble, use, disassemble, and store, salad spinning has never been easier or more enjoyable with this stainless steel Oxo model. While some customers have reported difficulty with its semi-dome lid, this particular model still has more pros than cons going for it.

Other Factors to Consider

Hygiene is one major factor to consider when buying a salad spinner, meaning, choose a spinner that is not only easy to use but to clean as well. While most salad spinners come in various designs and sizes, all of them really work on the principal of centrifugal force; there isn’t much new technology there so you have to look for other value-for-your-money features like ease of use.

Moreover, choose a model with sturdy construction and is equipped with a fitted lid that can securely and tightly hold the bowl in place while spinning. Your chosen spinner should have a solid base as well to prevent tipping over while it spins out big quantities of greens. Make sure that the spinner you choose is able to accommodate the number of veggies you plan to serve.

Using Your Salad Spinner

Leafy vegetables, which are often dark green in color, are nutritional powerhouses that are a rich source of chlorophyll and fiber which helps alkalinize your blood and keep your colon healthy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends eating half a cup of greens every day to avoid nutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious diseases; a reliable salad spinner can help you achieve this.

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It takes just seven easy steps to use your salad spinner. “Mastering” these steps will ensure that you enjoy preparing salads with leafy greens as much as eating them. Salads provide you with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you would otherwise not obtain from a diet consisting mainly of proteins or carbohydrates. Here are those seven easy steps:

  • Chop, slice or tear your leafy veggies before placing them in your salad spinner.
  • Take out the spinner’s strainer basket – the plastic contraption resembling a sieve on which the greens sit on when being washed – and place your greens inside it. Remember not to over-pack this basket.
  • Run clean water over the greens inside the strainer basket until they have all been washed thoroughly.
  • Put back the strainer basket in the spinner. Ensure that the lid has been put on securely.
  • Activate the spinner and run it for 15 to 20 seconds for the complete removal of excess water and moisture from your greens.
  • Transfer the greens to your salad bowl or serving plate and make the rest of your salad.
  • Store your washed salad greens in the strainer and put it in your refrigerator for immediate salad creations or keep them for future use between 24 and 36 hours.

Tips and Tricks

TipsGetting the right kind of salad spinner saves you not only time but effort in the long run. A model like the Oxo steel salad spinner is easy enough to operate even for beginners like you.

Just put the strainer basket in the spinner bowl and get your salad greens inside. Add a sufficient amount of water to rinse your greens thoroughly. Remove strainer from the bowl and drain off any residual water.

You can repeat this process if want your greens more thoroughly washed. After draining your greens, return them to the spinner bowl, fix the lid to secure its closure on the bowl, and spin to dry.

That’s it. You now have greens that are crisp and crunchy the way they are supposed to be when served. As you have probably realized, learning how to use a salad spinner just became easy and fun when you own an Oxo stainless steel salad spinner!

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