Why You Should Have Oxo Containers at Home

oxo containers

Oxo containers are designed to be stackable and airtight to ensure that foods stored in them retain their freshness. Oxo’s full range of containers include the 1.4 liter rectangular container, the 0.9 liter square container, the 2.3 liter square container, the 0.3 liter square container, the cookie jar, and the 1.4 liter square container; all […]

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Are You Ready to Own the Best Salad Spinner?

stainless steel salad spinner

You may not know this but when it comes to salads, the delicious ones are usually made with the best salad spinner available on the market. The making of simple salads can become time-consuming and laborious without the use of a good salad spinner. Starting out with greens you will use, you will have to […]

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Why Oxo Mixing Bowls Are A Must in the Kitchen

oxo mixing bowls

Most people might not consider mixing bowls as truly essential in the kitchen in the same way they do knives, pans, cutting boards, pots or food containers. But mixing bowls have more to them than meets the eye. Quality brands like the Oxo mixing bowls, are, in fact, an investment that you won’t regret purchasing. […]

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How to Keep Green Salads Fresh

green salads

If you are a fan of green salads, chances are you buy lettuce or greens in big bags. And while this is truly an economical way of buying groceries and obtain the right amount of vegetable servings, what you often encounter after opening the bag are wilted, soggy or even slimy greens. Is there a […]

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It’s Time To Try The OXO Softworks Little Salad Spinner

You love to eat salads, but usually you do not always have enough guests to make it worthwhile. And, of course, you hate tossing any left-over salad leaves after a meal. So, have you ever thought about using a small salad spinner? Oxo have just created the perfect tool to help us preparing salads in […]

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Oxo Good Grips Review

oxo good grips salad spinner

There are salad spinners and then there is the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner line. This Oxo Good Grips review lets you in on why salad greens need to be thoroughly washed now more than ever after the outbreak of infections caused by the bacteria known as E. coli. Spinach, lettuce, and other greens are […]

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What is a Salad Spinner?

The question “what is a salad spinner?” seems to stump the uninitiated. A salad spinner is basically a plastic or stainless bowl of a particular size equipped with a removable strainer of either material as its bowl and a lid that fits securely on top which can spin the strainer while it is inside the […]

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Can Salad Spinner Reviews Help Make A Purchase Decision?

Most people think a salad spinner is just another kitchen gadget for removing the excess water from greens and then drying them so you can prepare your salads. Salad spinners are actually much more than mechanical paper towels. According to various salad spinner reviews, it removes the dirt, grime, grit, sand, and even bacteria in […]

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How To Use A Salad Spinner

how to use a salad spinner

Even those who make salads often lament how difficult it could get to wash green and other leafy veggies, pat each one dry with the use of paper towels, and then prepare the whole bunch into a side dish or even a main course. Knowing how to use a salad spinner allows you to appreciate […]

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